According to crypto news, Bitcoin played a vital role in contributing to banks; likewise, the email did for the post office, and Amazon did for retail. It has been noticed that most of the bankers were in support of blockchain over bitcoin. This was the reason why they followed a mantra that read ‘Blockchain not Bitcoin’ even though they are not entirely aware of it. Many business entrepreneurs of big business firms including Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs and Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, to lend their support for blockchain. In this blog, we are going to tell you how Bitcoin holds more importance than blockchain.

Initially, there had been betting on macroeconomic trends in global financial markets. Investors would love to bet on world currencies market for 24 hours a day. Also, there have been interplaying policies between financial markets, geopolitics, and central bank policy, and then there was a time when investors fall for Bitcoin. Besides this, they doubted about it initially and were not sure about its working. They were not having much confidence in this cryptocurrency, till later on, they realize it’s worth and soon find bitcoin being a true game-changer that would challenge everything in the financial markets. 

With the rise of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology made much impact on the contemporary trend of the economy. It was even thought to bring a revolution that would be helpful to various industries in different ways. Though many would regard blockchain as necessary, what they least to figure out is that bitcoin makes much more important than the latter. It is a proven fact that it brings a lot of benefits to many people and is also the easiest solution that allows people to transfer their money securely without depending on the bank. It has proved itself as the best substitute for banks with a network of computers helping in running the software that performs verification and transferring money. 

Using Bitcoin cryptocurrency has reduced the dependency of banks and has become an easy solution for the user to connect with the Bitcoin network on their computers. This is the reason why banks prefer to use blockchain as a useful solution that helps in maintaining the ledger of transactions by using it on their computers. But Bitcoin gives competition to them with a form of an individual having access to a computer with an internet connection. 

Bitcoin has come out as a self-independent financial system that can make banks lose their grip on the traditional financial system. When Bitcoin was invented, programmers did not approve of its value and did not pay much emphasis on it. Maybe they were unaware of it. But later on, they realized that Bitcoin had made much impact on the business economy. It has really created an investment marketplace and has successfully proved the benefits of using cryptocurrency. 

By understanding the value of Bitcoin, the top influencers in cryptocurrency now have a valid reason to consider its importance and its impact on banks. Using this, cryptocurrency has made it easy for people to transfer their money across the world and has somehow reduced the dependency on banks. All you need to do is pay someone bitcoin and then let him sell it for fiat money on best cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Facing cutthroat competition from Bitcoin, now banks would have to look for some other ways to involve people using them for making money transfer and for that they may choose the alternate route by charging high fees. It has been found that in most developing countries, banking service is mostly taken for granted. It becomes easy for people in accessing their money by using a debit card for swiping with a debit card made their travel experience much more comfortable. But what if you fall into under banking situation, even though being confident in accessing your cash becomes uneasy. Well, such conditions do arise mostly on areas that are war-torn and are unstable, and that becomes a risk in the use of your fiat money transfer. 

Whenever such adverse situations grips these areas, then bitcoin prevails over blockchain technology because it helps people in their struggle to store money in a decentralized format. Because of such benefits, bitcoin may soon become more valuable in society. 

Useful Advantage Of Bitcoin

Blockchain may have been successful in creating jobs in computer science, but let’s not underestimate Bitcoin, which too can bring possibilities in creating the maximum flow of posts in many different industries. Besides that, with the invention of Bitcoin, it has generated interest among writers by creating books on cryptocurrency investments. It has enabled cybersecurity experts in creating forensic specializations based on Bitcoin’s transactions. 

Apart from it, Bitcoin has helped people in making a career niche for themselves and for which they are very thankful to it. As for them, It has made Bitcoin much crucial in comparison to the blockchain. Besides that, people are finding themselves lucky to invest in Bitcoin, which ultimately states their love for cryptocurrency. 


Through it took a lot of time to understand the importance of Bitcoin by many investors, entrepreneurs and other business professionals, as they were prominently dipped with the value of blockchain and regarded it much better than Bitcoin. But with a change in economic development and advantages, Bitcoin finally outshined blockchain with its use and have also reduced the dependency of banks in making money transfer. In breaking crypto news, now it has been proved that Bitcoin holds more importance than blockchain. 

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