Millennials are increasingly buying paintings online!

A new category of art enthusiasts is coming up which prefers to stay in their home sipping coffee and discovering their art online. So if you are among them and like to crack the code, read on the tips for buying paintings from online art gallery:


  • Do your research: Before buying art online, open yourself to new things and figure out what type of art you like. See a lot of art online and try to familiarize yourself with different periods and styles. The better educated you are, the better collection you will have. Also, try to know more about the artists before buying a piece of their work, such as what’s their inspiration and story, biography and credentials to get a closer idea. A few minutes of online research can help you understand their journey and create a sense of connect, adding a touch of magic when choosing your painting.


  • Decide on a budget: It is very important that you set a budget in terms of what you can afford. But, if you really love something, trust your instincts and and be prepared to spend a little more so that you do not end up regretting. Also be aware of the hidden costs associated with owning a painting such as shipping, framing and insurance. 



  • Don’t compromise on the authenticity: Even if you are buying from a trustworthy online art gallery, always check if the painting is an original or a print work. If it is a second-hand art piece which was pre-owned, try to find out about its present condition. You can also demand any documentation with details of authenticity from the art gallery. Moreover, browse the internet and read the reviews of the online art galleries and do not forget to check the export licenses for an international work.
  • Don’t forget to check about delivery: Before you make online payment for the painting, make sure you are buying from a genuine website with proper payment channels and guaranteed sale. Check if the online gallery uses a professional shipper so that your item is delivered safely and in proper condition. Also, check if the online gallery allows you to return/exchange the piece in case you are not satisfied after a reasonable period without any hassle. 


  • Don’t get lured by the price: Beware of junk, duplicated artwork which may be available at huge discounts. Many websites offer amateurish pieces which are substandard at low prices. Do check and compare other artworks of the artist, as well the prices to get the best deal for yourself. Do your homework about the painting, the artist and the website beforehand.


  • Determine what you’re buying: You need to understand the purpose of purchasing a painting, whether you are buying it because you love it or planning an investment. Buying art for a long-term investment can be quite tricky, you need to understand that there are various factors that affects the price of the artwork, for example, painting on a canvas is more valuable than a work on paper by the same artist etc. You can consider buying a painting of a young, emerging artist which would be available at low prices but have a great potential for increasing in value with time.



  • Understand that size does matter: It’s worth keeping some practical considerations in mind while shopping for the artwork online. You should be sure of how much space you have or if you have the right wall space for the painting before you buy it. Don’t end up buying a work with no proper space/wall available to hang it, spend a few moments to consider the practicalities of the space you are looking to fill. Once you have chosen the space for your artwork, make sure that space is flawless and consider placing a light or bright coloured work in that space. 



  • Buy what you love: Choose the artwork that defines your personality and your space. It should be something that resonates with you and your vibe. If you can’t stop admiring and loving the painting you are staring at, then trust your heart and be confident in your purchase. 


Wrap up

Most importantly, keep upbeat with the reality and ensure to get everything- the receipt, invoice and documentation for the artwork you buy. 

Once you have it delivered, it is absolutely necessary, for the sake of your valuable and cherished paintings, that you also take special care and effort to keep it in good condition. Keep your painting in a dry, cool and dark place away from direct sunlight. Choose the frame wisely, glass or acrylic plexiglass as it will protect your artwork from fading.

It’s safe to take the plunge online, just make sure to follow your heart!

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