The online world is filled with viral content. From innovative TikTok videos to educative articles, social media has it all!

The current generation is a fantastic mix of creators and viewers. The world of social media has inspired a lot of us, and it’s uplifting value for each individual. Each one of us, one way or the other have wanted to create something of our own. 

We’re here to help you sort this for good. If you wish to create and change the world’s perspective, follow the listicle below and choose the right theme for your WordPress site and make your content go viral!


King is the top-most suggestion for your WordPress theme as it has been voted the most interactive and user-friendly theme.

The package comes with various templates that efficiently categorize each of your content and make sure that none of your efforts go waste.

It has different layouts for videos, articles, images, etc. 

This theme has also been incorporated with additional add-ons that help the viewers interact with the creator. You can provide your viewers with an option of signing up and sharing their content on your WordPress site (don’t worry, you’d have control over which content will come upon your location). 

Another great addition is the live messaging button that aids the viewers to have a real-time chat with the creator.


BoomBox is the perfect theme for beginners. It has a simple layout that can be customized according to your preferences and has various templates that will effectively mix in with the type of content you wish to post. 

It comes with options to rank your posts, and they’ll be shown on your website accordingly. Like King, BoomBox has a front-end submission option too. 

Your viewers can also rate your content through different reaction buttons. Feedback is essential, isn’t it? 

The smooth, interactive interface makes it one of the best choices to hold on to. 


Talk of style, Buzzy comes in!

Buzzy gives out a plethora of templates to choose from, making it apt for all types of content.

Club your A+ work with Buzzy’s top-rated templates and VOILA! Nothing can stop your job from going viral!

The interface is such that all your high rated works would show up on the forefront, giving the reader different options to choose from. Navigation on the layout is simple and does not require any assistance. 

Viewers can share what they see and like through the floating widgets available over the interface, which makes it quite favourable for going popular.


Bimber is touted to be one of the most successful themes for WordPress. It creates an environment where your audience would always have another option ready, making it impossible for them to move away without getting that one extra information. 

The templates are designed as such that your top-rated articles will be highlighted on top with a badge and all your other articles will come as mini pop-ups wrapped around. Even if one article is opened up, an option or link will always be present to intrigue your guest. The ever-present floating social media widgets are another prop that will help your content witness lots of sharing and shout-outs!

The theme is quite elementary and would be a cakewalk for all the beginners out there. 

You can change according to your preferences as well. You’d need some basic coding grip for the same. 

If you know HTML coding, you can also make your HTML to WordPress theme

This section would be useful for people who wish to convert their website to WordPress.

Usually, the conversion of a website to WordPress is seen to be a daunting task. We’ve tried to bring it down a level for our amateur readers.

DIY WordPress Look-alike:

You read it right. The first option is the most technical one, but you can bring out a pretty good product if you have coding experience.

You need to do is, use HTML coding to create a WordPress like a theme. However, you won’t get the real WordPress feel or interaction. 

The look-alike will look precisely the way you want it to but won’t have a smooth flowing hold as WordPress themes.

WordPress Child Theme:

Using this option is probably one of the easiest and simple ways to convert your website into WordPress. 

You apply the WordPress Child Theme to your existing website, retaining the same layout and build up various options.

This lets you create your brand and give your website an exquisite look with the useful features of WordPress.

Plug-in Conversion:

As the name suggests, you need to use a plug-in to import your HTML coding to the existing layout.

You need to create your website, install the theme that you’ve created and import your HTML content. 

No matter what option or theme you choose, the quality of your work matters. If your content is top-notch, the themes work as extra accessories. Put out the best you have to offer, and nothing can stop you from becoming the next social media sensation!

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