The process of writing an article on other’s website is called guest posting. Every blogger uses a guest posting strategy to increase online presence. Bloggers are always in search of a good topic or contact. So if you write on someone else’s website or blog related to the related industry, you are increasing organic conversations and engaging people. Before starting guest blogging you should decide your aim of the guest blogging like:

  • Back link generation
  • Increasing website traffic
  • For a blogger, it is generally to get recognized in the industry

Once you have decided your purpose then look for the blogs related to your genre. Before selecting a blog make sure

  1. Your audience type matches with the blog audience
  2. The blogger is quite active
  3. Check if blog content matches your genre

If you can do your job correctly guest blogging is a very good way for new connections and you will be benefitted.  You can also keep the space open on your website or blog for other people to write. The guest posts bloggers later will give you get a quality back link.

Building back links through guest posting:

Before guest blogging to get back links, review your website. The reason for doing so is to because no one will give back links if your website looks spammy. So you should have a proper clean logo, social media linking’s, content with high quality and correct information. These are all required to prove your genuineness. If all things are maintained by you will get a high-quality back-link which will help in getting better Google ranking.

If you want guest blogging opportunities, identify top blogger matching your industry. Then do research on that blogger’s posts and the sites where these people generally write. Generally, top bloggers will only write on genuine sites. So you get your target area to guest post.

So now you have almost everything to start effective guest posting. Now you will have to analyze the high-grade blogs with the low ones. Now you should also look into few specifications like

  1. If you are writing for someone then confirm the way your profile will be shown. If a guest’s profile is hidden then that site would give less exposure.
  2. Check the quality of the content that is generally posted. The site with spammy articles should be avoided.
  3. Check the domain rating and back-links.
  4. Check whether the posts are engaging people.

Many businesses do not hire bloggers rather outsource it. Since guest blogging is the trending way of SEO and getting back-links, so the need for such writers is quite high. Since the requirement is high so the main concern while hiring services is the Guest Post Price. The number of guest posts depends on the capital invested. Some of the agencies have a quite high Guest Post Price but if you choose the correct people you can get benefitted. The writer charges for the content that he provides. So the Guest Post Price is equal to the quality content that is provided. There are various Affordable Guest Post Service Packages available and price depends on the number of guest posts.

Considering the SEO prospect, creating back-links through guest posting is far more effective than writing new content. Guest posting, no doubt helps in increasing contacts and online reputation. As a writer, if you can deliver guest posting related to their industry, chances are you getting featured on top sites and other top places thus giving you quality back-links. If you want traffic on your site, you also need to start guest blogging.

Getting a back-link from a known blogger is not easy because it is difficult to contact them. Even if you email them they will hardly reply because they are already filled with numerous emails every day.  So primarily you have to first make yourself visible to the blogger. This can be done by following him on Twitter, replying tweets and retweeting, commenting on blog posts, send emails giving him ideas of blog topics.

  So if you can give an interesting idea of blog related to what he has written in past, he can give you back-link in the article. While writing a blog post always keeps your audience preference in priority.  

Keep a track of what has already been posted on that site relating to your industry. While guest posting always keeps SEO in mind, so write with quality error-free content and include related keywords as per standard. While writing guest post keep readers psyche into consideration. So write short sentences, add sub-headers, bullets and short paragraphs.

To increase readability many use custom images to illustrate ideas. 

While hiring the Guest Post Price has been a concern though if you do extended research you would get Affordable Guest Post Service Packages available with a good number of guest-post. While researching the Affordable Guest Post Service Packages also do not forget to analyze all the prospects.

Guest blogging is extremely effective but very difficult to do and needs patience. Guest posting only for back-linking is not prescribed rather be looked like a wider strategy for brand awareness. If you keep this in priority, back-linking will automatically follow.

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