It is often a tendency among many to state that low testosterone is something that is equivalent to ED. To be very much accurate, this is absolutely a wrong sense. Low testosterone can be a reason for having ED, but not the ED itself. On in other straight cut words, Low testosterone will surely not cause ED, and ED not essentially means low testosterone. Both are two different ailments, but it can be the fact that a patient can be a victim of both. However, research states that the two ailments are common in only 5% of the patients affected with ED and 10% of patients affected with Low testosterone.

Treatment of Low Testosterone and ED together

Low testosterone has to be treated with infusions, taken at the skins. This increases the level of testosterone in your body within 45 days or so. In case, you have ED along with testosterone deficiency, then you will need to take the infusions or the peels that are responsible for uplifting testosterone level and then go for Cenforce 200 or other drugs that are fit for ED treatment. This is because of the fact that the drugs of ED are effective to increase the blood flow in your penis veins and thus helping your erection, but not able to treat the low testosterone level.

ED and blood circulation

The basic reason to have ED is that you are affected with low blood pressure at your penis. There are different reasons that are responsible for the same, but this is the reason for your ED and nothing else. Here are the different reasons for which you can have less blood flow in your penis veins –

Addictions to porno, alcohol, tobacco are the major causes that are seen in the age group of 20-40 in men, responsible for ED. While the addiction to pornographic movies cuts the sense of emotions to be perceived by brain resulting ED; alcohol and tobacco put the additional level of sulphate and nicotine on your blood veins, resulting in less blood flow.

Too much propensity towards fatty and glucose-based foods is another cause, where fat and glucose makes a layer on the blood veins and hence reduces the blood flow through them.

Excessive stresses on your brain, due to familiar reasons of professional reasons also make your brain pre-occupied and hence resist it to read the message of sensations that are sensed by it.

Disabilities that are related to your earlier ailments like hypertension, diabetes etc is responsible for your ED. In such cases, the ailments are to be treated first and them the treatment of ED will start.

Low testosterone is not responsible for ED

Low testosterone essentially means that you will be suffering from the hormonal secretions that would cause a better sperm count and sperm float. Hence if you are suffering from low testosterone, in terms of sexual disability, you will be able to have sexual intercourse, since your penis has no issue of erection, but you cannot make your partner pregnant, as you are lacking with the quality of sperm that you need to make her pregnant. There are other stances in your body like weakness or muscle weakening, which are also the direct results of low testosterone.

However, in no way, there is a connection between low testosterone and ED. In case you have both low testosterone and ED, then only you will not be having the erection that will result in no-sexual intercourse and your sperm quality will not also be proper. In such cases, drugs like Vidalista 60 will not work upon you. You will have to treat your testosterone first and after normalizing it, you will have to start your ED treatment.

The outlined issues

From the above discussion, the direct outcomes that come affront are –

  • Having low testosterone is directly related to your sperm quality, in terms of sexual considerations. There is no connection of testosterone hence to give you a better erection.
  • Erection of the penis is related to blood flow in the veins. There are multiple reasons for the same. Some of them are related to some addictions of yours, while the others are related to your mental pressure and your food habits and can be imbalance of your rest and activities. Hence there is no connection of the same with low testosterone.
  • Low testosterone is common with ED patients only in some instances and in such cases, the low testosterone issue has to be fixed first. If the testosterone issue is not fixed, even if the ED is fixed, you will remain impotent, since you will be able to have sex, but cannot make your partner pregnant.
  • Hence, low testosterone is not even a reason to have ED. ED is something related to the blood circulation and hence has the direct outcome in the form of hypertension, cardiac arrest and even cerebrum effects. Testosterone, on the other hand, is responsible for only weakness in body and inability to get the fruits of your sexual interactions.

The final thing that comes out here is that even if you are having low testosterone level, you can have an erection and you can enjoy the interactions with your partner, but you will not be able to get the fruits of your interactions, out of the same. But, in case you are having ED, you will not be able to get through the interactions with your partner, since you will not get a proper erection of your penis.

It is only when that you have both the ailments together that you will neither be able to interact with your partner and not be able to get the fruits of your interactions, but that is a completely different thing. The underlying fact here is that there is no connection with low testosterone and ED and there is no certainty that if you are having ED, you will also have low testosterone issue. If that is the case, you will not be able to consume Fildena 100 at first, but in other cases, you can go for it and cure your ED.


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