While camping, one of the things that campers struggle with is keeping their food safe and secure. The way you have packed your food inside the ice chests can impact the quality of food. Not only this but also there is always a fear of wild creatures attacking your asset to pounce on your meals. Luckily, there are several ways that will help you to keep your food and beverages cold while camping. We have jotted down these ways below so that you always have meals handy.

  • Invest In A Quality Cooler – The first thing that you will need to do is to invest in a quality cooler. A good-quality cooler will ensure that your food and beverages are kept secure for several days since they have a great insulation wall. Even better is finding a cooler which is rotomolded construction that adds to the insulation to improve the cooling performance of the cooler. Today’s best coolers claim to offer ice retention for weeks. Well, it is also important to read reviews of the best coolers available in the market.

  • Keep your cooler away from the sun – The rays of the sun highly impact the cooling performance of your cooler and which is why you should keep your cooler away from the direct exposure of the sun. Well, if you are traveling during the day, it is a good idea to keep your cooler in your car. Once you reach your destination, find a shady spot and place it where the rays of the sun don’t come in contact with the cooler. You can also add an extra layer of towel above the cooler to increase its performance.

  • Arrange Your Food Right – Arranging your food in the cooler is the key to keep your food edible and safe. Avoid packing your food in advance instead start packing before you leave your home and hit the trails. Load your food from the fridge straight away inside the cooler. Pack those items below you will using later and keep those items on the top which you will be consumed first. Also, make sure to keep meat, fish at the bottom of your cooler. So, make sure to fill any gaps in the cooler with the ice. The way you are packing your food can impact the quality of food.

  • Avoid Opening It Again and Again – To keep your food and beverages chilled, you must not open it again and again. Every time, you open the lid of the cooler, it draws some hot air inside the ice chest which can affect the cooling performance of the cooler. Your food will no longer be edible and the ice will turn into liquid. Make sure that you open this cooler only when you need it. If you are traveling with kids, tell them to open when it is necessary.

  • Carry Two Coolers – Well, if you are traveling by car and have plenty of space inside, it is a good idea to carry two coolers. You can load your food in one cooler and drinks in another cooler. This way you will be able to retain food and drinks edible for several days. Opening a cooler, again and again, can result in the loss of cool air.

  • Carry Non-Perishable Goods – Well, in addition to the food, you can also carry non-perishable goods that don’t have to keep cold. Things like protein bars, dried fruits can be easily carried and have nutritional values as well to cater to your body needs. These snacks are easy to munch on while you are traveling and keep you satisfied for longer so you don’t have to open cooler to dig to bring the food for your kids.

  • Use Ice Blocks – While going out on a long camping trip, it is a good idea to use ice blocks instead of buying a packet of ice cube from departmental stores. You can freeze water in the ice tray and keep it for freezing to turn it into an ice block. The reason that why we are asking you to use ice blocks is that they don’t melt away quickly as compared to ice cubes. So, if you want your cooler to retain your food edible, make sure to avoid using ice cube and freeze your own ice blocks.

  • Clean your cooler – Well, like the rest of us, you would just throw your cooler in your garage and don’t bring it until you want to use it again. Believe it or not, it can breed bacteria and other diseases to build up in your cooler. So, once you come back from a camping trip, make sure to clean your cooler using a bar of soap and warm water to prevent the build-up of bacteria inside the cooler. This way, you will have a proper and good meal to the consumer without having to worry about disease or any bacteria.

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