You have a business and work with Digital Marketing .

Always believed that your strategy would be enough to get the results you and your team expected. But something is going wrong.

The return is below expectations and you do not know what is happening.

It’s time to rethink. And perhaps as hard as it sounds, you find that your strategy fits in with some of the biggest Digital Marketing mistakes your business can make .

If this is your case, keep reading the post, because we will help you solve it!

1. Not knowing Inbound Marketing

In marketing, nothing is static. The oscillation is constant and the entrepreneur who does not follow these changes gets stuck in outdated and inefficient methods.

One of the mistakes marketing people often make is the insistence on Outbound strategy .

The technique of Outbound Marketing is basically that of the ordinary advertising we see on TV, Outdoors, Telemarketing, Spam , etc. Customer attention is drawn when they are not expecting, which may seem invasive.

In Inbound Marketing the method is different. No need for invasive marketing.

Produce relevant content , be useful to the customer, provide important information, don’t send mechanical emails, and stay solicitous. The customer will come to you.

2. Don’t Use Email Marketing to Your Favor

One of the strategies that are part of Inbound Marketing is not to use spam. If you fill up your customers’ mailbox it is time to stop. The only result of this is the subscription cancellation.

No one wants to have the message box full of junk mail. This type of marketing no longer works.

Leverage your database and promote its content. Plan a different, less automatic email, don’t overdo it often and write content for the purpose of retaining your customers.

3. Don’t plan the Digital Marketing strategy

Marketing is planning and focus . If you don’t have a strategy to follow, your goals are likely to be scattered.

The marketing plan involves your goals, the audience you intend to reach and how you will do it. A common mistake of this type of strategy is to leave it on paper.

Marketing is an ongoing process , it is no use drawing a plan that you cannot fulfill. This also involves checking the outcome of your campaigns, as we’ll talk about in the next topic.

4. Do not measure organic traffic

It is no use having a plan if you do not know what the results are generated.

For example, if you campaign on a Facebook post and also call to action (CTA) on your blog, how do you know which one generated the most clicks? Measuring the hits, of course!

The entrepreneur who doesn’t evaluate which content and campaign is influencing his buyer makes a big mistake in Digital Marketing. One tip is to use Google Analitycs to analyze the reach of your content.


5. Don’t Invest in Company Website

Your company website is your main portal. It is the place where the customer will find all the information and content they need, all fixed and in-depth.

Focusing on social networking posts and dropping the site is one of the most common mistakes among people who crave success in Digital Marketing.

It is important to understand the site as your primary means of work. This is because it is mainly there that you will post your full content, make your calls to actions and retain customers.

The customer who relies on the excellence of their work is a frequent visitor to your site.

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6. Do not promote content

We just said the company website is important, ok. But that does not mean that we should forget the relevance of social networks.

Be present in all the things that make sense for your business and promote your content there. Campaign, use language appropriate to each, and be helpful.

Customers often interact through social networks, the more present you are, the better. The company that is not frequent in social networks may seem outdated. Do not make this mistake.

7. Focus on the importance of the company and not the product.

The customer doesn’t want to know how wonderful your business is or how touching your story is. He wants to know if his problem will be solved and if the company is relevant to what he is looking for.

Invest in information and content to meet this need. If you excel in your industry, everyone will know what your business is like. And it won’t be because you told them, but because the customer discovered this on their own.

8. Not knowing the company’s buyers personas

It is important to know who your potential customers are . From there you start working on what these personas are looking for.

Many companies make the mistake of not doing research on what their customers expect and what their profile is, hence the probable reason for the company not generating leads.

Use this amazing tool to create your buyer personas .

9. Not understanding the customer journey

Using Digital Marketing requires attention on the customer journey. Some companies drop this item. If you don’t understand what stage your prospect is at, how do you create content that brings it to your business?

The journey is divided into 3 stages.

  • Awareness: When the customer finds out they have a problem and begins to want to learn about it.
  • Consideration : When you understand the problem and get some information on how to solve it.
  • Decision . Purchase decision when the customer is at the time of action and decides what to do to solve the problem.

Entrepreneurs who do not understand the customer journey create the wrong content for their personas.

10. SEO – Don’t Invest In Search Engines

Have you ever seen those posts from tagged companies and felt confused? It is clear that this company does not understand very well how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works.

When using keywords, you should be very careful about entering them throughout your content. The ideal is to link naturally and usefully to the visitor.

To rank your corporate blog you need to invest in optimization . Focus on long tail keywords too, thinking overall for the specific. For example, if you make a post about diets, instead of the title being “Miracle Diets”, you could put “How to lose weight with miracle diets.”

See how it is more specific? Your blog’s chance of appearing on the second search is much higher than the first.

Link building

Whenever you make a post look for interdisciplinarity in your own content, linking similar topics, so you increase traffic within your own platform.

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11. Not producing relevant content

Here we can use the same argument as SEO. What has more on the internet is content, and of all kinds . If your company produces shallow content you will be just one more in the market.

Be an expert in your field, so when the customer thinks about the product you produce he will know you understand it.

An example: Igor is a seller of a building depot. He sold John a tap, and the customer wants help. João doesn’t know how to install this tap, it would be nice if Igor could give him tips.

However, Igor does not have this more practical and in-depth information, he only knows superficial information of this tap: the brand, the price and some utilities.

Do you have any doubt that if Igor could explain in more depth how to use this product, John would be much more satisfied and would have a reference in Igor?

This works with content. Dominate your product and become a relevant reference in your area.

12. Not paying attention to competition

It happens a lot. Some companies get stuck in their little worlds and forget to research the market, analyze other people’s actions and keep up with the new . This is not about copying competitor ideas or something.

Paying attention to the content of the competition is important for measuring your own work. Sometimes you can see mistakes and hits in their strategy that you could avoid or improve. It’s a matter of being connected to everything that happens in your area. Stay tuned!

13. Don’t take care of the layout

Everyone has entered a site with a view-hurting layout, so all you want to do is find the “x” and close the window.

It turns out that some companies produce relevant content and compelling actions, but sin in the layout of the website, blog, CTA or landing page.

Focus on lighter colors, use well-positioned images, write headings clearly, and think about the scannability of text. Also, review everything you do on the company website.

For example, if your CTA is not generating leads, how about moving it? The placement may not be flashy. Checking the results of your strategies is indispensable in Digital Marketing.

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