Gone are those days when hybrid apps were described as less performing. And this prompted the majority of businesses to choose native applications to improve their brand promotion, sales of the products and services, earn a higher profit, etc.

But, today’s scenario changed completely. Hybrid apps are now not only the best performing apps but also deliver a native user experience. And thus emerged as a major competitor of native applications.

The credit goes to several cross-platform app development frameworks that not only improved the efficiency of developers by simplifying the development process but also changed the perception of users about hybrid apps.

Some top-performing hybrid applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others verify the above facts without any ambiguity. This also encouraged businesses to consider hybrid app development to keep their business on the right track.

So, if you have also decided to develop hybrid applications, you need to be aware of several cross-platform frameworks that are leveraged by developers to create these apps. Ionic is one of those frameworks. It offers lots of advantages for businesses and prompts them to hire an Ionic app developer.

Before we go ahead to discuss the advantages of leveraging the Ionic framework for hybrid app development and why you should hire an Ionic mobile app development company, it is important to know about basics.

What is Ionic?

An open-source cross-platform framework, Ionic is based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and widely used for creating a variety of hybrid applications. It is the most important framework that emphasizes on the user interface interaction and also the appearance and feel of a mobile application.

Ionic developers get the liberty to leverage several themes and components and create apps with top-notch and a fully functional UI. The other features of the Ionic framework include light and dark themes, an extensible base theme, typography, mobile components.

Reasons Why Ionic is a Good Option for Hybrid Application Development

Well, when it comes to the advantages of using Ionic for mobile app development, one can witness a plethora of advantages. Take a glimpse of some of the most sought-after benefits that made this framework as the greatest choice among both developers and investors. 

Developed on AngularJS

Ionic framework is developed on AngularJS and lets developers implement while creating mobile applications to make the end product advanced and flawless. Leveraging AngularJS, developers find it quite easier to render a complete and the most powerful architecture and this way they make code easily manageable.

User Interface

Ionic lets developers get the possibility of customizing their themes and various components. Besides, the platform lets components easily adapt to that platform that the application works on.


You can hire an Ionic app developer who can easily manage to improve the overall performance of your mobile application by leveraging this framework with native mobile application code in PhoneGap. 

AngularJS, on the other hand, enables the Ionic framework to get dependency on the native hardware acceleration. Besides, the Ionic framework also uses CSS transition as an important method of using GPU and also enhances the available processor time.

Cross-Platform App Development

The Ionic framework supports the latest version of iOS and Android operating systems and thus is considered to be the right option for cross-platform application development. 

More and more, Ionic also supports a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for creating Windows 10 applications. Developers leverage the Ionic framework to create apps quickly and also with great expertise.

Easy to Adopt

If your developers possess a good command over HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, then they find it’s quite easy to learn Ionic and use it in a better way to develop quality apps. An Ionic mobile app development company finds it quite easier, when it comes to switching to Ionic if they need to create a hybrid application.

Cordova Plugins

Ionic framework is also famous for using Cordova Plugins and accesses robust features such as GPS, Camera, Flashlight, and lots more. It gives designers an opportunity to access a wide range of components and develop applications to match the diverse needs of businesses.


You may now have a clear understanding of the benefits of Ionic app development. So, if you are planning to remodel your existing app or seeking to create a new application for your business, you should consider this framework. And hire an Ionic developer who can match your needs in a better way. 

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