Fashion trends are always changing. Every year very season demands something unique and rare and this phenomenon leads to the production of new in clothing for the customers. As the new year has started, people are looking up for exquisite trendy collection of clothes for them. The year 2020 will bring some progressive, functional, stylistic and elegant clothing. Fashion industry is busy in manufacturing classy yet trendiest clothing. Let’s have a look on some of the crazy trends that will surely be the part of fashion clothing industry in the following year:

  • Animal prints
  • Boiler suits
  • Lavender tones
  • Coloured tartan
  • Patchwork 

Animal Prints:

This year animal prints are ready to take the place of floral and other prints. Leopard print and snake print will surely be there to haunt the customers in the near future. These prints will appear on variety of garments such as tops, coats, dresses, pants and more. Unleash your customers wild side, choose strong and striking designs in bright and bold colours. 

Boiler Suits:

Boiler suits were originally designed as a one-piece protective garment for manual labour but now these suits are designed in the most unique ways. Boiler suits are no more functional only, these suits are making their place in most fashionable attires. These suits are being manufactured in various fantastic styles. You will surely have a wide variety of this wholesale new in clothing to make a choice.

Lavender Tones:

Ultra violet was the colour of 2019 but now fashionistas are taking this dark colour trend to softer ones. In year 2020, people will be seen rocking the shades of lavender family. Light purple will surely be a stylish trend. Whether worn in the form of dresses, boots or coats or even if you are wearing a head to toe ensemble. This colour gives an elegant feminine touch to the overall look. Make your you add this to your store rails for the customers who are after subtle yet exciting apparel.

Coloured Tartan:

It isn’t only instincts print that will rock the fashion industry, coloured tartans will make their special place in wholesale latest clothing collection, too. Tartan has appeared on the streets of London, New York, and many more. Help your customers try another exciting look. Choose some dark and bold colours in tartan print such as Red, Black, Blue, Green and Yellow.


Patchwork isn’t something that your grandmother enjoys knitting. It has become the latest fashion trend now. These patchworks will surely be seen on tops, dresses, jumpsuits and pants. Patchworks are being manufactured by gathering amazing colours and designs to form an exciting and exquisite collection. Ensure your customers rock this look by teaming it with simple garments and accessories. Make sure to add this wholesale shopping new in essential to your store rails to increase your sales.

These are the top five latest trends that should surely be added to every retailer store. These styles will surely be loved by all customers. Need not to think of anything. Just add all these trends to you rails and see your sales increasing.


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